Who We Are

       We’re Elizabeth and Robert (but please call us Liz and Bob!), the wife and husband team at RJZ Photography. We’ll be here for you on initial contact, during questions leading up to the day, we’ll be the ones photographing your wedding, doing all post production, and answering all questions afterwards! We aren’t here to butter you up ahead of time only to send someone else in our place on your wedding day.
       Why do we place so much importance on you, our clients? Because we know how important a wedding day is in someone’s life! A lot of time, energy, and planning goes into it, and we’re here to make it as stress free as it can possibly be! So you’ll deal with us, and only us, the entire time.
       It might also go without saying (but we’re saying it anyways). We’ve been doing this awhile. Not only weddings, but fashion shows, portraits, travel photography, and more, so our style is always evolving and drawing in elements from everywhere! Sure, we will be here to deliver the standard lineup and family shots that everyone loves, but what we really specialize in in capturing those small moments, those candid moments, that make your day important and unique to you!
       So we are here for you, whether you prefer texting, calling, emailing, or using the pony express. You’ll receive quick and informative responses asap, and if we aren’t 100% certain of an answer right away, we’ll let you know we’re working on it.
       So we guess, to make a long story even longer, this is what it all comes down to: At RJZ, we believe in your story, and we’ll do everything we possibly can to make sure the next chapter starts out like a dream come true.

Coroporate clients include FC Buffalo, Buffalo Spree, Queen City Fashion Week, Buffalo Fashion Week, and the Buffalo News.